The first who spoke about the energy that is around us and now call dark matter or zero-point energy or primordial matter was Orpheus.
The great philosopher Aristotle made extensive reference to this issue enriching with knowledge of modern science called this the ether energy.
Theophrastus, a pupil of Aristotle was the first to make relates to the piezoelectric effect, which is the characteristic feature of Orgoniton. This ancient So Greek philosopher and scientist successor of Aristotle remarked that semiprecious stone tourmaline creates static electricity and attracts straw pieces when heated.

By raising and lowering the temperature the tourmaline and other materials are forced to change their molecular structure.
This phenomenon causes an overstimulation of electrons producing final electricity. Theophrastus named this Pyroelectric effect. Today it said Piezoelectricity and pressure creates warming.
In orgonites this occurs because of coagulation of the resin causing temperature increase that is constant but the materials are within the resin and is either raw or tourmaline quartz or another similar raw material.

Wilhelm Reich and many others are versed in matter and have evolved.
The original orgonites were made by NASA who used quartz and gold.
The word orgone was first time mentioned by Wilhelm Reich 1897-1957.
The orgonites composed of materials which serve three basic concepts: Matter - Life - natural or universal law.

The particular mix of these causes perpetual transforming negative energy into positive.
He therefore has an orgonite advantage of this property and ensures better health wellness creativity bliss etc.

He that substance to this construction is the KARLHANZWELZ. He put copper and aluminum chips in epoxy resin or polyester.
Another kind of orgonite is what is called chembuster. It consists of copper tubes perpendicular to the plane of the earth and completely mutually parallel mounted within base orgonite.
At the base of each tube is a quartz piece. Depending on the length of the pipes and the results are related to the scope of action. It affects time but is able to dissolve the chemical clouds.

The current era is unfortunately full of machinery installations that emit radiation and affect health.
The gifting is the way many people use to annihilate the radiation of radio antennas or other signal transmission systems buried orgonites near them in ground that their call towerbusters (TB's).

The orgonites that worn must be at the height of the neck in the thymus gland.
There are orgonites for pocket or bag or office or house or external space protection.
People in order to have good health, they must balance in the middle of all the energy channels.
When we are bombarded by radiation of electric pylons, the radio antennas, mobile phone, television, broadcasts Internet-wifi signals from cell we carry or devices that we have at home (microwave ovens, router, TV, electric system) is created within us a disturbance, an imbalance of our energy grid.
The result is a constant stress with irritability or headaches and indolence and more.

But worst of all is the disruption of the function of our cells and turn them into cancer cells.
People usually resort to the doctor, who finding faults, proposes treatments that combat the symptoms.
Modern science does not see humans holistically.

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